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Family photos, a photographer can take a photo of your family and you will have that photo. Even when they are old. photos are important to take and to keep as our memories fade. I wish I had more family photos of my own as a child. SO please take lots of photos of your kids. Get photos done every year or 2, they grow up so fast. I dont know what to say so I just keep typing to try and get the 200 words I need to finish this page. I’m so tired of typing random info. I hate typing. My dad made me type lots when I was little. He said that it would come in handy. which it has, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to think of what to say. Ya know? So here I am typing up just word into a laptop at midnight with the hunger games on in the back ground. Which by the way is super creepy in the sense that it isn’t that different then the govt we have today. I mean were not fighting in a ring, but people are dyi.1ng forsure. Not so much in Canada, but in other places in the world


Your Family Photographers

First off, congratulations! I (Dallas) am Proud of you for coming this far!
Investing in family photos is something not everyone does. As a 30 year old child, I wish so much that I had photos of my family & I when I was young. I realize that its a lot of work, money & time to invest, but trust me. These photos will be worth it! not only to you, but to future you & to your children.
So where do you go from here?


Brittany, Jaycee & I all offer family sessions and we each do them in our own special way!

Jaycee has certainly excelled (probably past me) in this area & we've crowned her Dallas Olga Photography's Family Specialist!
In the above you can see what each of us have to offer you & a bit more about how we do our families!


Side note

My (Dallas’s) summer schedule is quite full with Weddings & Elopements, So I do not have a lot of availability during wedding season. I will always & forever make time for the families I have worked with in the past & grown to know & love. However I do not have the availability to take on new families. If you can wait until fall I may be able to squeeze you in, but in the meantime check out Jaycee’s page. As our family specialist she’s devoted her time to offering Family Sessions to families around Central Alberta