Hello, I’m Dallas

Hello, Thanks so much for checking out my website. My names Dallas…As you may have guessed…Middle name Olga, But I’ll get to that.

Little back ground, I grew up in a small town in Alberta, Canada and was raised by the 2 best parents a girl could ask for, went to play school in the basement of our church, for 2 days..then Mom took me out because I hated it due to their “play indoors, Clothes mandatory rules”..You see I hated clothing, and preferred to roam the acreage in my underwear playing with kittens & the dogs. But eventually I grew out of my nudist stage and  made it to kindergarten and continued school with the same 30 kids from kindergarten to grade 12. Took 2 years off partied, worked at a bar,  had a lot of construction jobs and finally decided to go to college for something. Well My Mom had always dreamed of being a nurse, So that’s what I did.

It didn’t take long in to nursing school to realize I could do this & do it well. But my heart wasn’t entirely there. I loved the idea of helping people, But I didn’t seem to fit in the professional, respectable world of the nursing society. I’ve always been, as many of my professors repetitively stated “Over Animated” and “eccentric”. I spoke to honesty and paid too little attention to bureaucratic red tape.

But I started something so I finished it and began to work as a nurse, That is when Photography began to consume my life.  Watching people deal with grief and accepting loss registered with me and changed my perspective completely. I began to realize how fragile life was.  It wasn;t long into my nursing career that my own grama “Olga” passed away.

I became obsessed with capturing everything important in my life, my friends, family, my dog, my travels, my whole life.

So Dallas Olga Photography was born.

I live in Sylvan Lake,Alberta..nice and close to my hometown & My family. I travel often, Far and wide for any photography event, wedding, even family shoots!


My would-be-husband & I live in an itsy bitsy place..500 square feet to be exact, with Goobs, our paycheck eating vet addicted puppy and our 2 cats Detective Thomas Olivier Mittensburg & Coon the grouch.

I LOOOVE taking photos, obsessive actually. I think constantly about my up coming sessions and weddings, I climb trees & Balance on bridges for the perfect shot. I get to know my clients like friends, I do not sit back and wait for things to happen I get people jumping, laughing.  I want you to feel insanely comfortable with me by whatever means necessary!

So if your looking to capture you and your loves and the magical fun moments between you, Give me  a shout