Jaycee’s Boudoir

Boudoir. A love I didn’t necessarily expect to have.

My very first boudoir was done with one of my good friends. When it was all said and done she said to me, your demeanour is perfect for this.
Heres why… I am calm and relaxed. I get how intimidating it can be. I don’t think I have done a single boudoir that didn’t start with them telling me just how nervous they are. It’s expected. All of you is just put on display for someone to capture. Every flaw, that you think you have, is out in the open.


But here’s the thing, I’m not there to judge you. That's the last thing I would do. I have this magic thing in my hand to help me capture everything that is beautiful about you.
Not just that, but I won’t be able to help myself when it comes to telling you just how beautiful you really are. I’m your own personal hype girl for the day.


When it comes to boudoir I think the most important thing to get out of the session is feeling good about yourself. You might have started the session feeling nervous but by the end you will be feeling relaxed AND confident. I want you to get your images back and be like “damn I look good !” Then I want that feeling to stay with you for forever. A lot of people might think they are doing the session for their special person but in reality you are actually doing it for yourself. They just get to see how hot you look, you get to feel it.




Going into my boudoir shoot I was so nervous, but Jaycee quickly made me feel at ease. I was having fun and feeling so empowered. My pictures were beautiful and they gave me a new sense of confidence. Jaycee is amazing at what she does. I highly recommend booking a session with her!


Jaycee is absolutely phenomenal to work with! I was a huge skeptic but wanted to do something fun for my husband as a wedding gift. I’m super uncomfortable behind the camera - so thoughts of a boudoir shoot was that much worse for me. But she made it so much fun! And I was completely comfortable and felt absolutely amazing about myself! We haven’t been friends for very long - so she’s the perfect person for this even if you’re complete strangers. She sent me back my prints super quick and I absolutely love all of them. 12/10 would recommend and would definitely do this again!