Jaycee’s Contact

Photographer WWW WWW

I love capturing moments. All the moments. The playful ones but also the raw ones. Sure we can take some photos of everyone smiling nicely to the camera but that’s not the real stuff. I want to capture the moments leading up to and following that posed photo. I want to ignite emotion when someone looks at a photo. I want you to look at an image and get goosebumps because it made you feel something so intense.


Heres the deal.

Most peoples favourite word to use to describe me is “chill.” I’ve never enjoyed being the center of attention. Some people have openly said to me, how can you be a photographer, you’re so quiet? Heres my response

I hope you know a bit more about me and what Im for now! My sessions prices start at Boudoir 495 Couples 525 Family 265 (minis) 495 (regular)





How long will it take to get a response?

usually right away! Unless my kids are being terrors! lets say like an hour or 2

How many kids do you have?

I have 2 daughters

Whats your favorite shoot?

A family who wants me!!