Living 100%

I’m gonna tell you a little known fact about myself.

I HATE money, not in a sense that I hate people with money or I never want to have any of it. I understand the necessity of money in today’s world. I am not able to grow all the food I eat in a year, camera gear is extensively expensive  and I also love to travel..and even though we normally sleep in dorm hostels…its still not cheap. I’m also not a huge supporter of giving 25% + to a govt built out of lies and greed, but that’s another story.

I hate money for what it does to people and how it controls people. I hate societies obsession with money and its drive to push people to work at jobs they hate, to buy things they are told they need.

I read a quote once that really “spoke” to me

~Not giving a f*ck isnt about not giving a f*ck, its about fully embracing your natural capacity to effortlessly weather any amount of suffering, loss or change. In essence, its about pleasantly floating while the whole world frantically swims. And if your good, its about teaching others to float with you. After all life is better with company.~

I used to nurse full time. I liked it don’t get me wrong, but i didn’t jump out of bed at 630 am pumped to go to work everyday. I know, I know life cant be fun all the time and sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to, but if your working 40 hours a week, sleeping 8 hours a night , driving to and from work an hour a day. In one week that leaves you with 58 out of 168 hours a week for your LIFE.. thats 34%.


34%If you allow yourself to be sucked into societies grand material movement, believing that you need a new car, new house, a big house, new iPhone, new tablet, a tablet for your kid, new clothes, fancy home decor. You are allowing yourself to be enslaved.

Brainwashed into economic slavery

Don’t sell 66% of your life

When you minimize your needs, you minimize your need for money. When you minimize your income needs, you minimize the amount of life you are required to sell.

If your lucky, you can find something you LOVE and somehow find a way to make enough money to survive doing it!

My theory is if I can continue to do something I love every day, then I’m never really working, and if your never really working. You never really need to retire.

What made me go on this little rant, was my future wedding couple here Ashley & Danny! Who escaped the oilfield rat race to quiet literally a cabin in the woods. I am so in love and  awe with their life choice! I’m the first person to get behind jumping out of the hamster wheel and taking a risk to live your life 100%

So a friend of mine and I took the 2 day road trip out to Cherryville B.C to shoot their Engagement/ Family session. I wish I got to more often! P.S will travel anywhere because why not gasoline= #taxwriteoff…take that govt!



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