Steph & Jordan go skinny dippin

its 4am.

I just finished a shift in the ER and immediately came home and showered. I’m not even going to tell you why! Nursing can be very gross work. But now here I am Finally blogging my first session for 2017…yes my first! I’m so jealous when I see photographers with huge beautiful blogs, with long inspirational messages. Well, I don’t have any! Its way too late and my Would-Be husband keeps rolling over in his sleep and hitting my mouse. moving photos all over the page. Hes also snoring…sooo loud, I intermittently shake him or roll him over, like come on dude. Some of us are trying to blog sessions from 7 months ago in bed at 4 AM.  But lucky for you guys Goober has a Dental procedure Monday & I won’t be leaving the house, I will simpliy be staring at my dog for 48 hours straight. So hopefully I’ll take snuggle breaks and get some more sessions up for you all the check out!

Lets start with steph and Jordan for tonight, One of the weddings Im most excited for in 2018…Its a local wedding so now great destination photography, but these two are hilarious & Steph is a little hippy chick that loves my Van almost as much as me! So I can already imagine that little barefoot hippy chick walking down the aisle, and Jordan tearing up when she does….I Love it when The grooms tear up, it so freaking cute



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