Suggested Vendors

#1 Wedding planner

Central Alberta isn’t exactly flooding over with wedding planners, and its hard to find one with the experience & connections within the industry that is actually going to save you money!  I have met one lady though, that really blew my boots off! Engaged By Darcie Has been a dream to work with! I’ve never heard a bad review, and I’ve always been overly impressed with how much of her heart goes into her weddings. The last bride I worked with who had her told me “I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Darcie, I haven’t had to stress about anything.” So if you were thinking about having a wedding planner, or even if you never even thought about having one maybe just check her out!

Marriage Commissioners

I’d like to bring everyone back to the whole reason were here. YOU’R getting married, now the wedding day is going to be glorious. Have you thought about the importance of the ceremony? I’ve seen amazing ceremonies preformed by ministers, pastors, friends & marriage commissioners. I have also seen ceremonies that were detached, not personable even boring.

Destination Travel Agent

Thinking of doing a destination wedding! I have had great experiences with Shelly!