I just want to take all the frackin pictures

My names Dallas…As you may have guessed…Middle name Olga.

No, I’m not a man named Dallas with a wife Olga.. that seems to be an assumption from time to time.

I don’t know what to tell you, as I’m sure I see myself a lot differently then what others see me as.

I can however tell ya this, I’m ridiculous! I’m not quiet, I’m actually quite loud. I make friends immediately and try to find the silver in everyone. I laugh loudly & often, I don’t take too much seriously. I like to think I know when to shut up. However my friends might protest that.

I’m not a crazy partier (need steady hands ya know) but I do love to get down at a good wedding dance. During weddings I do like to pull back & allow the quiet moments to happen, but I also like to fuel the fire in the loud ones.

I may be the first one to start the “shots,shots,shots” chat in the limo.

My shining moments are most defiantly when I’m doing a couple shoot or I’m alone with the bride & groom. I am the perfect third wheel. I ride the line of ridiculous good time for the fun shots and cheesy romantic to get those saucy shots.

I like to allow couples to just be themselves.

“There is just something about you, I feel like I’ve known you all my life” or “I can believe how comfortable I am around you”

I’ve heard it so many times I’m starting to believe it. I’ve been blessed with the ability become instantly comfortable with anyone I meet. Maybe it was years of nursing, maybe its my chatty nature, I don’t know. But it has certainly made my photography career a dream!

I am insanely passionate about a few things in life

Photography, Dogs (especially mine), Family, Animal rights, Weddings & The success of my photography company

When I started in 2016, I said I’m going to be the best (and trust me I was NOT) however due to a lot of sleepless nights, endless YouTube videos, many workshops and practice, practice, practice.

In 2017 I was added to the list Top 3 Wedding Photographers in central Alberta.

OK. did that.

Next is to be Canada’s most sough after destination photographer

 I have started my pursuit into destination weddings this year & have reached my goal for  8 destinations in 2019.

Next is to be in the top 10% in the world…Yes, The world.

And lastly, I’d like to freelance for National Geographic. Something I recall dreaming about at age 6 flipping through the magazines.

I don’t dream small.

I was never “the smart kid” in school. In grade 6 or so, I was having troubles keeping up & my teacher gave me a book marker with the quote

“The river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its perseverance” 

This stuck with me for life. If I want something badly enough. I truly believe I will get it. It won’t just fall into my lap, but if I work & work & work at it, there is no way I couldn’t get it.

This is why I’m good, its because I care. Not only do I care for my clients like friends, wanting only the best I can give them.

But every session is a challenge to be better then the last.

Every wedding is accompanied with the goal to capture every moment perfectly and blow my clients away.

I am living my dream. I have all my clients/friends to thank for it, some might stop and settle here,  but I still have far to go.