Wedding Welcome Pack

Wedding Welcome Pack VI

Wedding Questionnaire

Please go through the questions, answering best & detailed as you can in a different font.

Then copy & paste the entire sheet to

(Subject Line- Wedding questionnaire)

I strive to capture true emotions and relationships. I want to be extremely comfortable with you and I

need you to be comfortable with me! The more I know about you the better, so please be as open and honest as

you can with these questions. ( If any are too personal for you, feel free to skip)


1) Is there any part of your body either of you don’t like being photographed?


2) What is a physical affection you do without thinking?

(examples-tickle,tease,play pranks,back rubs,hold hands,kiss,hug)


3) Is there anything you really like to be photographed?


4) What makes each of you happy?


5) Describe what you would do together on a regular Saturday


6) Who all is in the wedding party?


7) Why have you chosen the maid of honor and best man? What are they to you?


8) Tell me about the relationships you have your bridesmaids & groomsmen?


9) Tell me what each of you think is special about each other?


10) How did you meet?


11) How long have you been togethe


12) What kind of careers do each of you have?


13) Please describe the “vibe” of your relationship, Are you fun loving friendship? helpless romantics? sarcastic?


14) Do you have pets? or children? what are their names? What are they like?


15) Do you show a lot of public affection?


16) Describe your extended family relationships, (EXAMPLES) Are you close with your Mom?

grew up with your grama? Have a special aunt? any step parents?