Who we are

Dallas Olga Photography is a team of 3 photographers, each with our own strengths & weaknesses. Dallas, Brittany & Jaycee each specialize in one or two areas, so together we are able to offer numerous services! Local & destination weddings & elopements, as well as videography, family, boudoir, couples, photo booth services, backpacker elopements & even education for photographers. One thing we all have in common is our give a crap attitude!

Dallas Olga Photography

Meet the Photographers!


The founder of Dallas Olga Photo and our closest to homeless hippy photographer specializes in Local and Destination Weddings and Elopements, Couples and Back Packer Elopements.


Our favorite hype girl, Specializing in Local Weddings, Life style, Couples & Boudoirs!


The sledding country Mama Specializes in Family, Couples & Boudoir, she is also our go to second shooter for weddings!