Chloe & Taylor

So here I am, Boxing day evening. Watching Brave heart and editing photos….

Love this movie, but its got me thinking. Was William Wallace really the hero? does this show even have a hero? Hes going around killing & starting wars to essentially free the Scottish from the English, but his justification for killing them is that they’ve killed and controlled the Scotts for years, And like 90% of the English that get killed haven’t really done anything to the scoots in the movie, they are just English soldiers that think they are doing the right thing because the king and the English society has told them so.

I suppose my question would there any other way to freedom then a bunch of wars and killing? Theres no way ALL the English folks thought they should control the Scottish.

This entire thought pattern could be easily applied to a lot of things in the world.

I think we need to think long and hard in every situation. Who is the hero? who is villain ? and once you’ve come to your decision, stop and try and tell the story from whomever you think the villain is. What are their motives? is it greed? fear? are they doing what they think is right? are they just dumb and cant think for themselves, so they do what a ” higher up” tells them to?

The more I think about it, there’s A LOT of people -politicians, military,  out there who think they are a Hero, and have great numbers who also think they are a hero, who in another story…are in fact the villain.

If you are inflicting the same treatment to others as punishment for how you’ve been treated, or if at any point you are hurting another soul you are risking being the villain, no matter the justifications.

Still Love Brave heart though! But it is a depressing reminder of human stupidity, greed & desire for control.

When Wallace is essentially getting chopped up and uses his last breath to yell “Freedom”, its quite the bone chilling moment and I think everyone watching has a great deal of respect for his commitment to what he believes is right, that every man should be free & we can not be owned.

And yet here we are 100’s of years later, bought and paid for, trapped in economic slavery & no one is doing a thing to stop it. Oppressed by the “higher up” due to their greed, and locking our own chairs because of our own.

But that’s just what I think about at 2 am hahaha

But heres Chloe & Taylor! They had me do some photos or little Wilma when she was first brought home & now we got to do some for just Chloe & Taylor!!

I liked this shoot a lot. It reminds me of real life.

Not only because these two are just fun to be around, but they always just act like themselves

Chloe’s face when she showed me the smoke show chief who eats chicken wings and looks like a super model.

What happens to the sliders left over from a supper with friends days earlier.

A favorite Chair, and an old bike collection

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