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Couple Photographer from red deer. Do you like what you see? see more at WWW WW W. Thanks for checking out the couple photographer. I love being a couple photographer. Before I was a couple photographer I worked in red deer. Couple photographer has a portfolio. and don’t forget the couple photographer.

Dallas's Couples Sessions

So you just got engaged?? Or maybe you just want some amaze balls photos of you together?
Well, I want to do them!
I'm freaking stoked to do your couples session! but lets make it special to you!

Also, if you do a couples or engagement session & then happen to book me for wedding coverage within a year of the session, the amount you paid will be deducted from the wedding coverage!!


Couple sessions are my babies, They are by far my favorite kind of shoot, I love to add a touch extra to make it special for you & artistically heart filling to me. It may be selfish, but I literally get a high from a couples shoot, Paul says I’m addicted, & he might be right. I’m always ready to make your shoot about you! in a unique and artistic way. If you want to get realllly artistic, let me know…I’ll bring the necessary tools..


Are you ready to do this?! I want you thinking of something special just for you 2! What makes you, you? DO you golf? hike? paintball? laser tag? play pool? like to drink? like to smoke? are you homebodies? I want these images to be your personalizes in artistic form, so let me know what makes you special and I’ll make something special just for you!


Before you choose what kind of session is right for you & your loved one. I'd like to let you know the difference between a regular out door & and In-Home.


How do I choose?

Out door

We can go to a beautiful place with a beautiful sunset in beautiful out fits. Its a blast! & the photos are gorgeous. I try my best for every session special & personalized just for you! So if there is ANY activity or place you visit together please let me know and we can make it more personal for you!

My In-Homes

are something different entirely. They are weird, they are intimate, they are real, and you’ll be in your underwear a lot! I want to see the REAL you! the little things that happen between you two that you don’t even notice. I’m not going to pose you, I’m going to encourage you to be your goofiest, to play, to do dishes, laundry, snuggle, watch T.V, all the things you do naturally in your natural habitat together.

In Home Session

Session last about 1-2 hours

As many outfit changes as your heart desires

up to 100 km (> 100 km is 0.50/km)

Min 60 edited images


Regular Out Door

Regular Couples Session last about 1-2 hours

As many outfit changes as your heart desires

up to 100 km (> 100 km is 0.50/km)

Min 75 edited images


Upgraded Couples

Upgraded Couples Session last about 2-3 hours

As many out fit changes as you'd like

up to 400 km travel (>400km is 0.50/km)

Min 100 images

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