Couples Welcome Pack

Couples Welcome Pack III

Couple Questionnaire

Please go through the questions, answering best & detailed as you can in a different font.

Then copy & paste the entire sheet to

(Subject Line- questionnaire)

*before I start I want to talk a bit about wardrobe. I want you to be you, and want you to look amazing*

I do have a pinterest account (dallasolga)with boards of wardrobe tips and suggestions for each kind of session

Portraits are very weather dependent so wear something fitting for the weather. Something COMFORTABLE- while

shooting you’ll be sitting, standing, walking, hiking, jumping… So wear something you can move freely in.

As for colors, Its dependent on the season DRESSES,Dress pants, Blue jeans or tights are always a go to!

Summer and Spring- Whites, Pastels, light pinks, blues and greens

Fall- Darker colors stand out in the leaves- Reds, Browns, Beige, Blacks and scarfs all the way!

Winter- Light pastels and Dark colors are great

Good to avoid – neon colors, jerseys, hoodies, ball caps & a magnitude of colors

*Remember to wear practical footwear*
* Accessories are fantastic! Hats on women, Long necklaces, Sentimental Jewellery, Vests, Scarfs.*
Dress Up, have fun with your outfit!

I strive to capture true emotions and relationships. I want to be extremely comfortable with you and I

need you to be comfortable with me! The more I know about you the better, so please be as open and honest as

you can with these questions. ( If any are too personal for you, feel free to skip)- 16 questions-

1) Is there any part of your body either of you don’t like being photographed?

2) What is a physical affection you do without thinking?

(examples-tickle,tease,play pranks,back rubs,hold hands,kiss,hug)

3) Is there anything you really like to be photographed?

4) What makes each of you happy?

5) Describe what you would do together on a regular Saturday?

6) How do you sit on the couch together? (side by side? cuddled together?)

7) Tell me what each of you think is special about each other?

8) How did you meet?

9) How long have you been together?

10) Do you live together?

11) What do you do together for fun?

12) What kind of careers do each of you have?

13) Please describe the “vibe” of your relationship, Are you fun loving friendship? helpless romantics? sarcastic?

14) Do you have pets? or children? what are their names? What are they like?

15) Do you show a lot of public affection?

16) Describe in a few words, who you each are.