Jaycee’s Families

Jaycee's Families

Families, oooh families. How do I even begin to describe my love for capturing families. I guess the first obvious reason would be because they’re beautiful. EVERY. SINGLE. FAMILY.

I get it

Every family is different in so many ways. Yet they are each beautiful in their own way. I want to be able to sum that up as best as I can during our photoshoots. So if that means that your daughter shows up wearing her favourite dress-up outfit I am more than down. Let’s go ice skating or go to a baseball field. Not a sports family? Fine bring me to your house and I’ll capture you all playing your favourite board game, or even eating popcorn watching a movie. I’ll take some photos of your child playing with their dollhouse or that makeshift hockey arena in the garage.

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If you’re here that means you get it. You understand how important family photos are. When you have a new baby the first thing everyone likes to say is “enjoy every minute, they grow up so fast.” AND THEY DO! One minute you’re changing a shitty diaper and the next your kid is hoping on the school bus all by themselves.

So what are we left with after that, Other than chipped paint and coloured floor boards? Photos. An image of their tiny hands wrapped around your finger or your child giggling while being thrown in the air. That special hug that you share with your 5 year old and those tender moments that we sometimes forget about once they have come and gone. I get it. I am living it right now.



Cheryl + George

After Following Jaycee’s work, I knew I wanted to hire her for our next family photos but after learning we had to say goodbye to our family dog within the week I called Jaycee right away.
Jaycee’s demeanour is quiet, calm and confident and she put our family completely at ease. She handled 2 dogs, 2 young kids and a husband that doesn’t like having his picture taken, with total control and bucket loads of patience.
But it was the finished product that took my breath away.
Jaycee doesn’t just take pictures, she captures memories.
She captured 14 years of love and loyalty with our family pet. She captured my family perfectly, in a way that makes me smile when I look at them because it’s so “US”.

I am so grateful to Jaycee for dropping everything to accommodate my last minute request. I don’t think she really knows just how much those photos mean to me, and I will truly cherish them forever.

Caitlin + Jeffrey

Jaycee was very relaxed yet professional for our photos! She did a great job of making us feel comfortable and ‘un-staged’. The pictures all turn out amazing. She is great with kids and knows how to make them look at her without making parents feel stressed about getting the ‘perfect picture’. We will be back in following years for more family pictures!

Carley + Kesler

Jaycee was able to capture my daughters personality beautifully. You could feel her happiness shining through each photo. Not only did she make it a fun experience, it felt so natural. Not planned and posed, but genuine and authentic. You almost forgot she was taking photos, as the whole process flowed and was comfortable. It was quite a few years since I had family photos taken, and it was so worth it. Jaycee has an eye for taking photos that will spark joy, and she captures love in every photo she takes. I will cherish these photos forever

Kelly + Logan

Our busy little family of 5 and one tag along mutt loved our family session with Jaycee!! She was so great to deal with from start to finish. Jaycee provided us with suggestions on wardrobe, so we could be ensured that we paired well with each other. When it came time for our session it was so easy. We didn't have to do anything wild or crazy she captured us just the way we are. Our kids loved hanging out with Jaycee! She's so relaxed and easy going. Family pictures are definitely worth the investment. Every time I walk past our gallery wall of pictures it reminds me just how special my little family is. Thanks Jaycee for capturing our family.


What does that mean for you?

It means that I will literally bend over backwards to make sure I get the shots that are most important to you. Thats what I would want a photographer to do for me.




What to wear?

My best piece of advice is to wear what is real to you. Most people wouldn’t walk around completely matching each other (ie. Jeans and a black shirt) but hey if you do that’s cool too. Try and pick 3-4 main colors, then fill the rest in with neutral colors. The main colors should be something deep or soft, so maroon and a mustard, or rose and pastel blue. Try to avoid neon colours as they can be overwhelming. Don’t hesitate to send me photos of outfits or ideas because I get it, choosing matching outfits for more than 2 people can be hard!

What do we bring?

An important family blanket? Sounds good
A game you all like to play? PERFECT
Change of clothes? As many as your heart desires.
Snacks? Bring the whole damn picnic basket!
Nothing? Works for me!

My kid fell and has a cut on their face, should I reschedule?

NO! Kids fall all the time, they almost constanty have bruises and it would be nearly impossible for you to get all your kids to me in one piece, looking perfect and clean. ITS REAL! We all love to see the real. Plus I have this special tool when editing where I can make that cut disappear..

My kids might not cooperate, what can I do to make it better?

Do whatever you need to do to get them there, after that its my job! If that means a kid who never drinks pop gets one beforehand, go for it! I like to think of sessions as special events. Give them some candy. Get them hyper. Once were together don’t worry to much about making them behave. I am used to kids acting crazy, they aren’t going to be perfect 100% of the time. If your toddler starts pouting, pick them up and do whatever to make them laugh, tickle them or throw them up in the air. Sometimes parents are so worried about their children looking happy they forget to look happy themselves. If you feel like you need to step in and really parent for a moment, by all means, we have time.

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