Brittany’s Contact

Photography has become a mental release for me, its like my own little version of therapy!

I want all my clients to be my friends, because without them I wouldn't be able to do what I love. To be in this position, I feel like I'm dreaming. and I couldn't be more grateful!

SOO, lets be friends!




Thats me!

Romantic, energetic, sweet, fun – I’m all of it. Capturing moments brings me so much joy – as corny as that sounds its sooo true!
Its the raw moments, that I am always watching for.
My super talent is making people feel comfortable around me.
Our session will have it all, a little bit of sweet, a little bit of crazy and a whole lotta fun.

Sessions starting at 495

Local elopement & Intimate weddings start at 2000 (2021

Weddings start at 2000 (2020 dates)

Weddings start t 3000 (2021 dates)