The Art of Every Day Photos

You don't need a ton of experience or a fancy camera to take powerful photos of your life & your love ones. Some of my most treasured photos are ones when nothing was happening at all. Just my everyday life. I want to share that skill with you. I have created a class for just that! This class is designed to start from the very beginning & walk you through the ways to capture your own special moments

The break down

Day 1

Learning your Camera
Heads up, Day 1 will be tough!
I know my way around a Nikon, however it could take me a few minutes to learn yours!
Well start by going through each one individually
Once everyone knows all the important buttons and dials on their own camera, Well be going through the importance of each one, what they each do & how that is going to effect or improve your photo.

Day 2

Basic Camera Skills
More buttons!
Now that you've mastered them well be REALLY using them together.
I'd like to practice indifferent lighting, movement and depth of field situations

Day 3

When, Where,What & Why of capturing everyday photos.
This is the fun part! Now that we know HOW to run the camera we can start talking about the fun artistic part.
composition, angles, lines & using lighting to make a regular photo magic.
We'll cover the basic photography rules, when to follow them & when to break them!
How to add an artist flare to your everyday photos

Day 4

Applying skills to the situation
When we get to bring it all together ! Where we take the knowledge of how to run the camera, and get to mix in with the shooting knowledge. Also what to do in difficult situations.
A few of the things well be covering are candid moments, photographing kids, photographing pets, detail shots, photographing family members, photographing at your gathering, using a tripod to get everyone in & travel photography to name a few.

Day 5

This is an open evening! You'll have had 5 days to practice what we've learnt & I'm sure you'll all have a ton of new questions as well as a few photos to show off and discuss

Day 6

All things computer, on the last evening I'd like to show everyone the basic's to editing a photo to make it that much better! I will be using Light Room If you'd like to follow along. If your not wanting to get Light room I can also go through the basic's of editing with you default editing program on your computer.

I am a very hands on learner, and teacher. There will always be time for questions and examples & for your full timers please don’t hesitate to ask anything in the Facebook group!

Interested in taking the class?

2019 Dates

Jan 16,18,22,24,29,31

Feb 17(double class) 18,19,20,21

Full time 500

Drop in’s- Per Class 100



Have a Camera that shoots in manual mode, an editing program (for day 6 only), a tripod will be helpful

Knowledge- How to access Manual mode, where to find shutter speed, ISO level & how to change F-stop.

These can all be googled or found in your user manual. If you are unable. I will help you. However it will make Day 1 much easier on everyone if we all have this knowledge about each of our cameras.