Why you should have me as your wedding photographer

Alot of people don’t consider the value of their photographer, until the day has come & gone & all your left with are the memories captured

I've Heard It All

"We didn't think photos were really important"
"We couldn't afford a good photographer"
"I just never really thought about it"

I've had so many people who didn't invest in their photographer tell me years later "I wish we would have gotten better photos, or photos of my mom, grandparents, the ones that really matter. These are all we have left"

Its heart breaking to see moments lost forever.

From hearing these things I can tell you what I have done.

I PUSH, PUSH,PUSH the importance of photos on people. You don’t have to hire me (although you should) But PLEASE before you book anyone, see an ENTIRE gallery. Don’t look at the 3 best photos they have on their website. Ask for an ENTIRE wedding day gallery. These photos ARE important, if your photographer doesn’t see the value of your day, your friends and your family, I fear you will have moments & treasured memories missed, never to be gazed on again.

These are the only physical memory you'll have left from your wedding day, and once that day is gone, there is no creating that moment again.
Also get to know your photographer, they'll be with you ALL DAY, you should truly be FRIENDS with them! They should know you well enough to know what's going to be important to capture, what's special about your relationship, what will calm you down & what will make you laugh!

I'm Real

I am just as bit a ridiculous as I sound. If your wanting super posed, straight faced perfect unemotional photos. I am not the lady for you!
Its your wedding, Lets plan for the worst, hope for the best and just ride it out and have fun when the day comes.

I always get in a few standard shots for grandma, because she wants one of everyone looking at the camera. But that’s legit maybe 15 mins. Besides that, lets just go. Lets have fun, do WHATEVER you want, Don’t worry about me, I’ve got it covered, all those wedding day memories are in the bank. I am not just shooting the “standard shots”  I’m always on the look out for your Mom’s tear brimmed eyes, your dads shaky hands as he gives you away or maybe even the dance your grama busts out!
All I ask from my clients is that you just be yourselves, have fun with your friends, and at the end of the night when the sun is setting lets you 2 and I go out for a little slip away and get those relaxed ” WOW that day went fast & I love you so freaking much” shots.

If you are interested in having me consult, shoot, coordinate and just bring the whole experience up a notch (which you should, just saying)

I’m a chatty person and I believe in what I do, If you have any questions or just want to feel me out and see if we click just give me a call.



How much do you charge?

Packages start at 3000

What happens if you are sick?

I've never missed a wedding & it would have to be something out of my control, but in this case I would do my best to help find a replacement photographer to take my place that I trust with a similar style, although I’m not legally held to do so. If I can’t make it to your wedding your money will be refunded.

Do you charge Travel fees?

For local weddings, Travel is included within 500km
For anything that a flight is required you pay for the bare minimum (flight, transportation, stay) and I cover the rest. I’m also open to staying with you, your family or even camping with you to help save you $$$. And if it works out on both ends I’m also more than happy to get picked up and dropped off at the airport to save on paying for a rental car!

For booking, I book flights and rental car on my own (you can book my stay if you’d like, but I am firm on booking my own flights + transportation). I make sure to get your confirmation on logistics + price before booking anything to ensure there are no surprise costs on your end! Once booked, the payment for them is due within one week of receiving your invoice.

Do you help with planning?

100% YES! we will do a wedding consultation, I have vendors in the area that I've worked with & have a TON of tips, after a couple hundred weddings, I have a few!

How many weddings do you do a year?

I'm now limiting myself to 15. I do this so I can give my couples the best experience and photos possible and not spread myself thin. I focus on quality, not quantity. I’m not in this for the money, I’m in this for you, I want to give you 100% and I don't want you to be just "another client"For reference, I used to do 40 weddings per year

Whats your dogs name?

Its Goober, and hes an angel.

Whos your second shooter?

My husband shoots with me! and when he is unavailable, I have a couple Local photographers I work with

How many images do I get?

However many it takes! I over shoot all the time, and regret it hours and hours into editing. But its worth it! I don't want to miss a thing! for weddings I estimate approx. 1000, but its been much higher before