Why you should have me as your wedding photographer

Alot of people don’t consider the value of their photographer, until the day has come & gone & all your left with are the memories captured

I've heard it all

“We didn’t think photos were really important”
“We couldn’t afford a good photographer”
“I just never really thought about it”
Boom….6 years later, they’re standing in front of me “Is there anyway you could take my wedding photos and make them look like the ones you take? I wish we would have gotten better ones. These are all we have left” No I can not edit a pose, or a photo over exposed, or create a photo that just wasn’t even taken.

From hearing these things I can tell you what I have done.

I PUSH, PUSH,PUSH the importance of photos on people. You don’t have to hire me (although you should) But PLEASE before you book anyone, see an ENTIRE gallery. Don’t look at the 3 best photos they have on their website. Ask for an ENTIRE wedding day gallery. These photos ARE important, they are the only physical memory you’ll have left from your wedding day. Also get to know your photographer, they’ll be with you ALL DAY

Secondly I have made my self affordable to ALL budgets, You can get everything you want, for cheap or high quality but never all three at once, I charge by the hour & coverage can be broken and placed to cover your most valuable moments. I’ve shot weddings with a $900 budget all the way to a $5000 budget. I’ve never said no to someone because they couldn’t afford me. If you want me & care about your photos, I’ll always make something work.

I'm Real

I am just as bit a ridiculous as I sound. If your wanting super posed, straight faced perfect unemotional photos. I am not the lady for you!
Its your wedding, Lets plan for the worst, hope for the best and just ride it out and have fun when the day comes.

I always get in a few standard shots for grandma, because she wants one of everyone looking at the camera. But that’s legit maybe 15 mins. Besides that, lets just go. Lets have fun, do WHATEVER you want, Don’t worry about me, I’ve got it covered, all those wedding day memories are in the bank.
All I ask from my clients is that you just be yourselves, have fun with your friends, and at the end of the night when the sun is setting lets you 2 and I go out for a little slip away and get those relaxed ” WOW that day went fast & I love you so freaking much” shots.

If you are interested in having me consult, shoot, coordinate and just bring the whole experience up a notch (which you should, just saying)

I’m a chatty person and I believe in what I do, If you have any questions or just want to feel me out and see if we click just give me a call.



Photography coverage is 420/ hour

Photography & Video Coverage is 520/hour

Elopements-min 4 hours

Weddings-min 6 hours

Average total cost are 2500-5000

But every wedding is different & has different needs.

please contact me via telephone & I can create you a custom package.