So whats this workshop about?


I want to start at the beginning and work our way through all aspect of having a photography business.

This workshop will be a full day of teaching the in and outs of marketing, business planning, TAX info, Proper pricing & presenting pricing, finding the RIGHT clients for you, finding your "special place" in the photography world,



This is a one day workshop that is approx. 8- 10 hours long.

Feb 23

Sylvan Lake/Red Deer Alberta

So what do we go over!?

 Lets get started with all the questions!

-Getting started, the first critical steps to having a successful business

-Marketing  & how to get booked

-What apps & tools will make your life 100% easier

-All the tricks I wish someone would have told me years ago!

-Finding out about yourself, what do you really want to shoot?

-Getting the RIGHT clients

-How to get to shoot what you really want to shoot

-Pricing properly

-How to maintain a profitable business while doing what you love

-How to add authenticity into your work

-Shoots tricks and styles

Of course there is a shoot!

Not only will these be photos for your portfolio, but I will being going through my shooting style & settings as we go.

Cost $675 CAD+GST

50% due at time of reservation 50% due 1 week prior to date